About Chrysocolla

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The Mine

Mines that produce chrysocolla are usually copper/gold mines. The blue color deep within the bowels of a mine usually mark highly concentrated copper deposits. We strive to only use Arizona chrysocolla, but if we can’t, we only use chrysocolla found in other locations within the United States. We know that chrysocolla exists in other locations throughout the world, but we hope to capture the interest and loyalty of customers who want to own truly “Made in the USA” products.


The Mineral


Chrysocolla (Cu3Al)2H2Si2O5(OH)4.nH2O (hydrated copper silicate) is a mineral and an ornamental gemstone with a hardness of 2.0 to 2.6 when dull, and near 7.0 when silica (quartz) is present. The word chrysocolla comes from the Greek words meaning Gold and Glue because chrysocolla was often used an an ingredient in the welding of gold pieces together. Chrysocolla is a mixture of copper minerals such as malachite (green), azurite (dark blue), quartz (clear or white), cuprite (rust or medium brown), jarosite (dark brown), specular hematite (shiny black and sparkly), limonite (yellow), and turquoise (light blue). It is generally seen as greenish blue, or light blue when more quartz is present, or brownish red with blue or green streaks when more cuprite is present. These variations in color make it exciting to work with since you never know what you will find. Silicated chrysocolla is highly prized and rare and appears as translucent blue.


The Power of Chrysocolla


Chrysocolla is a stone of harmony. Its energy works in a gentle and harmonious way, calming the spirit, it is “of the earth”. It is an important gemstone in balancing the sacral, heart (green) and throat (blue) Chakra used in the practice of Yoga. It is thought to give wisdom in speech, as in improving knowing when to speak and when to keep silent. Chrysocolla helps to balance the entire region of the chest, lungs, throat and neck. It has a healing effect on the thoracic cavity and throat making it a healing gem for singers or speakers or anyone having infections or allergies of the tonsils and throat. It cools and calms inflamed areas, stimulating the immune system and quieting the mind. Since chrysocolla is a copper based mineral it is also thought to have many of the same healing properties of copper such as easing joint pain. It can aid in seeing the clearer view of issues, helping to bring resolution to a particular problem or situation you want to understand better. It is said to heal a broken heart and renew emotional strength. At a physical level, chrysocolla encourages relaxation and balance allowing the green energies of the heart, with all their strength of feeling, to be manifested and expressed through the blue energies of the throat chakra and the voice. When it is worn, it soothes, calms and inspires.


DID YOU KNOW… that in ancient Egypt, chrysocolla was known as the “wise stone” and that Cleopatra carried a piece with her at all times? She favored it because of its calming effect and its ability to boost creativity, thereby allowing her to come up with clever solutions and compromises when dealing with other powerful rulers and diplomats surrounding Egypt at that time. This helped to keep her and her people in a powerful position.